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What is WeCare and how does it work?

WeCare is a web/mobile app that shall hand-hold individuals for a lifetime of healthy living. It shall act as the Personal Health Assistant of individuals, on the following underlying principles:

Create awareness - By getting an individual to track his health parameters

Educate - By presenting a detailed analysis of his health status, based on data available from the individual’s test reports, health records and other information submitted

Call for Action - By recommending remedial measures based on its vast repository of knowledge from sources across the globe

What does the name ‘WeCare’ mean?

WeCare is the combination of ‘We’ (part of our company name, HealthScion) and ‘Care’ (part of the word ‘Health’), as the first activity for an individual for maintaining good health is to ‘track’ his/her health status/parameters. This is what WeCare shall help the individual do, in addition to a host of other things.

What are the key features of WeCare?

WeCare has the following key features/functionality (the first four are available immediately and the remaining shall be launched in the near future)

Profile - Relevant details of the individual that could be mapped to his health parameters

Health Vitals - Individuals can provide information on their height, weight, blood group, vaccination, allergies, blood pressure etc.

Test Report Status - Individuals can track visits made to the your lab, get report status and view/print the lab reports.

Repository - Ability to upload pictures, scans of records and other documents and have access to these anywhere, anytime, at one place.

Tracker - Visual representation of historical and current health parameters, leading to improved understanding of individuals health status.

Sharing - Ability to share health records with your doctors, relatives and well wishers

Advisory - Recommendations for actions that could be taken by the individual for better health

Where can I learn to use the features offered by WeCare?

WeCare is extremely user friendly and intuitive to use. It does not require any special effort to use, for an individual who is already using some mobile apps.

We will shortly provide a video tutorial within the app for persons who are not used to mobile apps and still opt to use WeCare, given its huge benefits.

Why should I use WeCare?

You should use WeCare as it will assist you step-by-step to a healthier ‘you’. It is common wisdom that unless one is bestowed with good health, it is not possible to enjoy the wealth that one has worked hard for. ScionTra will hand-hold you for a lifetime of healthy living, so long as you take it seriously and stay with ScionTra!

“WeCare is very different from all other Health apps and will keep rapidly evolving over time. It is difficult to shares details on future developments at this time and we recommend that you start using ScionTra to experience the difference.

How can I get more out of WeCare?

If the Lab that you go to for diagnostic tests uses LabScion, the lab software that powers WeCare, all your test reports shall automatically become available to you on ScionTra and you will receive extremely fine, powerful and personalised advice on maintaining good health.

To get more out of WeCare, we recommend you urge your diagnostic centre/lab to reach out to us and start using our lab software.

Does the App work on the web as well as on mobile?

WeCare app works on both web and mobile.

How do I access it?

For accessing it, download the app from the link sent on your registered mobile number. Enter the username and password provided in the message and you are all set to start benefiting from WeCare.

How do I sign in on the web?

Visit for signing in on the web, using the credentials provided to you.

What if I forget my login credentials?

You can click on ‘Forget Password’ and you will receive an SMS with a link to reset your password.

Does the App work on all mobile platforms?

The app works on Android and iOS platforms.

Do I need to pay for using it?

WeCare is available at a minimal one-time subscription fee of Rs.100 for using the existing features. You may either pay this amount at your diagnostic lab or by using the payment link sent to you.

How do I sign up?

We are doing a limited release at the moment and you would have received an SMS from us if you are part of the release group. Stay tuned as we will shortly add sign-up ability.

How do I know information submitted by me will remain confidential?

WeCare is committed to protecting your privacy. Please see our privacy policy termsfor details.

Who do I contact if I do not see my test report on WeCare?

You should expect to receive your test report on WeCare, only if you have paid the one-time subscription fee at your diagnostic lab. If you face any issues in this, please contact your diagnostic lab.

Who do I contact if I have a non-report related query?

You may contact us at +91-9311-456-456 during normal working hours (9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Mon-Fri)

How do I upload my reports myself?

All you have to do is to go to ‘Repository’ on WeCare and follow the instructions for uploading files.

If I decide to discontinue using WeCare, do I get a refund?

No, the one-time subscription fee paid by you is non-refundable.

If I decide to discontinue using WeCare, what happens to my data?

You can easily delete data in your Repository before discontinuing.

What else will the App help me with (future features).

We are working hard to bring a host of interesting features on WeCare, for a healthier YOU! Stay tuned to experience these.

How do I make sure there is no unauthorised access to my reports?

To ensure that there is no unauthorised access, we strongly recommend that you always use a ‘strong’ password and not share your login credentials with anyone.

How do I share my reports?

You can share your records via e-mail, Whatsapp etc. by clicking on share button.

What do I do if I accidently uninstall or delete the App?

You can always re-install and use WeCare from Google Play Store or from Apple iOS Store with your previous login credentials to regain access to all your previous data.

Can I get test reports of other members of my family on the same device?

Yes, you can get reports of all the family members on the same device. However, the family member needs to subscribe to WeCare individually to access their reports and use their unique login credentials.