WeCare For School

HealthScion enables schools to play an active role in their students’ health by providing an integrated platform to record,
manage and analyze students’ medical records.

Plan, record, track, update and share medical records of students like never before

Cloud-based storage and hassle-free access of reports minus the cumbersome paperwork

Analyze students’ health with our user-friendly and highly visual dashboards

Compliance with guidelines of HRD Ministry, Government of India in the best interest of students

What WeCare Does?

It is a web/mobile app that helps schools to enable, maintain and care for students health.

  • Record the entire health history of students during the admissions Student Registration + Health Vitals + Central Database on the cloud
  • Keep Track of child’s health status from admission onwards Graphical Representation of Health + Web Application + Mobile App Access
  • Generates the medical records periodically Unique Student ID + Add Multiple Health Cards + Access to Past History of Health Cards
  • Provides access of these medical records to Parents/ Guardians Via app Process Automation + Reports Accessible to Authorities on WeCare Web/Mobile App

Why WeCare?

The Ministry of Human Resource and Development has already requested the schools to maintain the medical records of the students,
However, advantages of WeCare goes beyond adhering to the government regulations:

Benefits For Schools

  • Add Value to the medical services offered
  • Become smart, modern and tech-savvy
  • Know your students and generate insights
  • Use it as a tool to position yourself better
  • Connect with parents better & show that you care

Benefits For Parents

  • Access all medical record sitting at home
  • Keep watch on health & growth of your kid
  • Connect with school better to discuss the health
  • Maintain your peace of mind that child is healthy
  • Quick export of medical history to doctors in emergency

Benefits For Students Framing a Better Tomorrow

  • Easy accessibility to medical records for higher education
  • Check if your academics are being hindered by health problems
  • Discuss your health record with your parents easily
  • Attain confidence and control over your health
  • Higher participation in arts and cultural activities

How Does It Work

WeCare is intuitive & easy to use platform for keeping track of all your health concerns.
Just follow these simple steps to get precise advice from your trusted Doctor.

The Web Platform is installed at the school

Basic information of the students are uploaded on the platform

A medical check-up camp is executed by doctors

The records are updated and access is provided to school and parents

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WeCare is intuitive & easy to use platform for keeping track of all your health concerns.
Start by entering your mobile number to get precise advice from your trusted doctor.